About Us


The Fright Channel™ aims to be the nation’s premiere television network of choice for the horror fan inside us all.  Programming will consist of classic monster movies, original documentary and narrative series, classic horror TV shows, and world premiere events of brand new works from today’s burgeoning horror masters.  What sets The Fright Channel apart from the countless other attempts at the same goal is that we will bring together the many different local programming entities (currently serving isolated communities) under a united banner.  Starting with part-time broadcasts with ever-increasing frequency on a continuingly growing number of stations, The Fright Channel will benefit from the “snowball effect,” eventually reaching every area of the country.  This loose cooperative of “affiliates,” self-governed and autonomous, will, by its very existence, gain collective bargaining power in the television industry and allow its leap to major cable provider distribution.   As a united group, The Fright Channel will be able to take content directly to the fan on local channels and will share programming content, allowing once-isolated talents to reach a national audience.  With its totally unique platform and original approach, The Fright Channel is already “the world’s greatest all-horror network” created by the horror fan for the horror fan.


The Fright Channel began life as The Horror Channel in 1999 and is the abnormal brainchild of TV veteran Rob Claridge.  Sadly, though we were first out of the gate, lack of initial funding and the ascension of a similarly-named online entity (good luck and keep going, guys!) sidelined the project for many years.  New developments in the cable industry and a resurgence in the genre afforded a new opportunity for life and the project was fortified and re-imagined as The Fright Channel.


Rob Claridge, TFC’s Founder and President, brings nearly two decades of professional television experience to The Fright Channel.  But, perhaps more important is the fact that he, like so many others, is a lifelong horror fanatic who was raised on Famous Monsters and Fangoria magazines.  He still fondly remembers the countless nights spent in his parents’ darkened basement thrilling to the weekly “Saturday Night Shocker” films broadcast on his local St. Louis television station.  It is this pure love of the genre that inspired Claridge to launch The Fright Channel.

(Bios of the rest of our Terrifying Team will be coming soon!)


The Fright Channel is NOT an attempt to scam other horror broadcasters or fans out of their content or money.  Believe me, we are losing money faster than you can say “Prince Sirki.”  So…


The Fright Channel is a two-pronged attack on behalf of the horror fan in us all.  While continually reaching new cable regions with its Los Angeles-based-and-created content, we hope to attract isolated broadcasters to join us as “affiliates,” now branding their content with our name as “presenter” and “trading” content with us, allowing their locally-isolated broadcasts to reach an audience wider than they (we) ever dreamed of.  With this unique approach, The Fright Channel will gain unstoppable momentum towards its ultimate goal—a nation-wide cable network bringing the horror fan what he wants, 24-hours a day.  But it is our grassroots base that unites us all.


Look, we’re not the only mad scientist out there trying to breathe life into this monster.  Every horror fan has always dreamed about an all-horror TV network, and many have tried before us.  We truly believe we have a unique approach to this common goal, and, despite the recent launch of NBC/Universal’s Chiller network on DirecTV, ComCast’s FearNet, and a few other upstarts, a true horror-themed network is still sorely needed.


There are many things you can do to help us.  Above all else, just keep loving those scary movies!  The Fright Channel is a fan-inspired and run entity.  Victor Frankenstein didn’t build his creation in a day, and The Fright Channel has just begun to fester.  Join us for the long haul, and have patience.  The cable television business is a behemoth of a beast, and isn’t particularly inviting to new networks.  What WILL get its attention is a demonstrable need and desire for new channels.  So, firstly, please take our survey now, and log your vote to get The Fright Channel on the air nation-wide.  All information provided is used solely to demonstrate interest in the concept.  We will NEVER divulge any personal information to ANYONE for ANY PURPOSE other than the reason stated.  We swear this on a stack of books of the Dead! 

Secondly, make thefrightchannel.tv your “home for horror” to meet other horror fans, enjoy our content, and suggest changes so that we’re doing what you want.  We’re not here to put anyone else down, so don’t use this site to kick us when we’re up or down.  However, we are always looking to improve so we are not above constructive criticism.

Thirdly, get involved!  Let us know what you think, and what you would like to see on thefrightchannel.tv.


If you would like to see The Fright Channel broadcast in your hometown, let us know!  Also, be sure to call your local cable provider and scream for The Fright Channel.  Before you know it, we’ll be on the air in your city, and we know where you live! Write to us at IWantTFC@thefrightchannel.tv.  (Be sure to include the name, address and phone number of your local cable company.)